Meet the Team

Tamunomieye Henry Iyalla


Hands-on, results-oriented professional equipped with two decades of computer-related successes, with experience in management role. Background includes program, and software engineering management experience. Proven records in Business Application Development. Demonstrates a unique combination of technical and Leadership acumen. Exhibits strong interpersonal skills. Areas of expertise encompass: Software Management/Development, Client Relations, Project Management, Proposal Preparation, Strategic Planning.



Started messing with computer in 2006, when he first started programming at University days. Since then has used many languages including java, C++ and C# (to name the more well-known). In 2010 he became more interested in software development, specializes in rich internet application and desktop client. Also has being proven in strategies planning and organization

Mariam Adahor

Marketing Executive

Excellent human relation, with ability to educate and inform effectively, self-motivated, target orientated, impeccable integrity.