IyallaSoft® Bizmaap™

is a Business Application customized to handle operations in the Oil and Gas Retail sector.   The application is organised into the following:
  1. Inventory and Procurement
  2. Sales and Distribution
  3. Finance and General Ledger
IyallaSoft® gives you an opportunity to have a first hand experience of the features of Bizmaap™ for just a token. This token is to support further development of Bizmaap™ as we get feedback from you.

Please follow this link to receive an instant login credential to Bizmaap™ for the period of your choice.

IyallaSoft LaundryMGT


IyallaSoft Laundry Management – LaundryMGT

IyallaSoft LaundryMGT is a designed to handle all the operations of a laundry outfit, ranging from the core laundry operations to managing the financial in and out flow.


  • Client Registration.
  • Laundry Booking and Tagging.
  • Laundry Delivery and Confirmation.
  • Laundry Tracking


IyallaSoft Acadmin


IyallaSoft Academic and Administration – Acadmin

IyallaSoft Acadmin is designed to carter for the academic and financial administration of academic institutions. The scope of the application is from creche to secondary schools.


  • It keeps track of the financial standing of the Pupils (or students) and the Institution.
  • It determines the condition and whereabouts of Library Books.
  • It keeps and retrieves personal information about staff and students.
  • It keeps track of every user’s activity so that, one can tell who did what and when.
  • It tracks the academic performance of students.


IyallaSoft EstateAdmin


IyallaSoft ® Estate Administration ™ – EstateAdmin.

IyallaSoft ® EstateAdmin ™ is a solution for every organised Estate whether residential, business or both. The software is customised to carter for all the day to day requirement of an Estate.


  • It is both Windows and Web based.
  • It keeps track of the Financial standing of Residents and the Estate.
  • It keeps and retrieves Personal information about Residents.
  • It keeps track of every user’s activity so that, authorised administrator can tell who did what and when.