IyallaSoft® Bizmaap™

is a Business Application customized to handle operations in the Oil and Gas Retail sector.   The application is organised into the following:
  1. Inventory and Procurement
  2. Sales and Distribution
  3. Finance and General Ledger
IyallaSoft® gives you an opportunity to have a first hand experience of the features of Bizmaap™ for just a token. This token is to support further development of Bizmaap™ as we get feedback from you.

Please follow this link to receive an instant login credential to Bizmaap™ for the period of your choice.

IyallaSoft LaundryMGT


IyallaSoft Laundry Management – LaundryMGT

IyallaSoft LaundryMGT is a designed to handle all the operations of a laundry outfit, ranging from the core laundry operations to managing the financial in and out flow.


  • Client Registration.
  • Laundry Booking and Tagging.
  • Laundry Delivery and Confirmation.
  • Laundry Tracking


IyallaSoft Acadmin


IyallaSoft Academic and Administration – Acadmin

IyallaSoft Acadmin is designed to carter for the academic and financial administration of academic institutions. The scope of the application is from creche to secondary schools.


  • It keeps track of the financial standing of the Pupils (or students) and the Institution.
  • It determines the condition and whereabouts of Library Books.
  • It keeps and retrieves personal information about staff and students.
  • It keeps track of every user’s activity so that, one can tell who did what and when.
  • It tracks the academic performance of students.


IyallaSoft EstateAdmin


IyallaSoft ® Estate Administration ™ – EstateAdmin.

IyallaSoft ® EstateAdmin ™ is a solution for every organised Estate whether residential, business or both. The software is customised to carter for all the day to day requirement of an Estate.


  • It is both Windows and Web based.
  • It keeps track of the Financial standing of Residents and the Estate.
  • It keeps and retrieves Personal information about Residents.
  • It keeps track of every user’s activity so that, authorised administrator can tell who did what and when.
IyallaSoft- Software Developer


With the fast pace digitization that is happening around us, enterprises around the world are realizing that existing
business models no longer fit the new digital realities of the market.

Sooner or later, every enterprise
will have to deal with the impact of digitization on its business model.

IyallaSoft is positioned to make the transition from manual operation to digital realities seamless for our wise clients.

Do not be afraid of the zeros and ones, we got you covered

Software Development